TalTecPro Engineering and Projects

Tal-Tech , founded in 2016 is a company engaged in supplying and providing industrial control services and TURN KEY projects for different sectors of the industry from the food industry, to the Power Generation.

The company has a lot of experience in PLCs field, precise motion systems, Instrumentation and field equipment, (HMI/SCADA), Industrial communications and unique control solutions, suppling and installations of full production lines.

The company engineers have knowledge and experience based on over 20 years of work in the fields of software, control, communication and process engineering.

Tal- Tech can design, manufacture and supply electric cabinets, write FDS (Functional Description), Project Supervisions, provide the training of maintenance staff according to the customer needs.

Efficiency and Flexibility  The company’s products are provided to the client in record time, while still sticking to timelines, being committed to financial goals which have been planned in advance and maintaining a high level of performance.

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